Filmography by Johan Brisinger

MOSCOW NOIR (Dirigenten) – Thriller TV series

In turn-of-the-21st-century Moscow, an innocent trade plunges Swedish investment banker, Tom Blixen, into a battle with millionaires, politicians, oligarchs and their private armies.

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A COMEDY OF DIVORCE (Jag älskar dig – en skilsmässokomedi) – writer/director

When the wife wants a divorce, the neurotic husband struggles to come to terms with what happened and how to get his old life back.
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AMONG US (Änglavakt) – writer/director

An accident overthrows Ernst and Cecilia’s well-ordered life. Chance rules in Ernst’s rational world while Cecilia is searching for a deeper meaning in what has happened. As they drift further apart a mysterious stranger with exceptional gifts changes their lives in an unexpected way.

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SUDDENLY (Underbara Älskade) – writer/director

Overcome by grief and misplaced guilt, a father and his teenage son are living in the aftermath of the car accident that claimed the lives of the mother and youngest son. On a peaceful island resort the two seek support and explanation, each in their own way, to the incomprehensible that has happened to them.

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PASSING HEARTS (En del av mitt hjärta) – writer/director

The poignant meeting between a young man and the family whose late son saved his life.

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